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Monday, November 26, 2007

Test user(s) needed for the next VolumeGadget

I wrapped up a new VolumeGadget about a week ago, with added hotkeys and an attempted refresh bugfix. I have not been able to verify that it installs correctly for all users, so I was hoping someone stopping by here would like to give it a shot.

The install procedure would roughly be to
  1. Remove the VolumeGadget from the SideBar
  2. Close the SideBar completely, by right-clicking its icon in the notification area
  3. Restart the SideBar
  4. Install the new VolumeGadget, from
  5. Open the VolumeGadget settings and define a hotkey for e.g. muting. Save and accept the settings, and try the hotkey.
If you do try this, please do give me some feedback -- good and bad. I was hoping to get some work done with it before I ship it off to the Live Gallery.

Also; I've seen that people are requesting multi-speaker configurations. I'll look into that when I find time. In the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions for how that should look / be configured, feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Another Vista Sidebar gadget: Volume control

I was originally planning to publish the Volume control gadget in time for the Norwegian Vista gadget competition, but missed the deadline slightly. In retrospect, I should have submitted the Volume control to the compo, rather than the quick launch gadget noted on earlier. SwiftRun is an odd little thing, with many quirks, and a limited audience. C'est la Vie :-)

In either case, I'm pondering whether or not I should give the gadget api another nudge. While it does seem like a slight waste of time, it would be fun to explore exactly how far the sidebar boundaries could be stretched (e.g. embedded DirectX, desktop control, etc.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A scripted quick launch gadget for the Vista Sidebar

The last few weeks I've been hammering away on a Vista Gadget to quickly launch applications / websites / folders etc. using the keyboard. It's somewhat inspired of the old "Quixecute" application I made a few years ago, only this time the configuration is simpler, and it's all hosted in the Vista Sidebar.

Like other Gadgets, it's built using mostly JavaScript, CSS and HTML. In addition, I've wrapped up an ActiveX which enables the binding of global hotkeys to JavaScript callbacks. This means that you can have any other window focused, hit some key combination, and instantly focus on the Gadget's input box.

A demonstration video:

Among the more nifty features, and also an extension from the old "Quixecute" app; you can now use JavaScript to script the actions. To add a shortcut to a website, you'd e.g. create a new command with the shortcut "mysite", and an action such as "". If you'd like to enable parameters for the "mysite" shortcut, you could expand the action to "$param1-", or -- using the javascript feature -- "{{ if(this.params[1] == "foo") return "Whee!"; }}". This last action would add "Whee!" to the url, granted that the first parameter passed to the "mysite" command is "foo".

The Gadget, called (ever so cheezy) "SwiftRun", can be downloaded at in a few days. I'll post the URL here when that happens.

Update: here's the gadget's download page